The gallery shows the evolution of the design ethos of Business Direct and BT Shop over the last decade.

For this quarter’s TechKnow magazine, I’m developing the theme for ‘Invest for growth’. Typically, I begin by looking at synonyms and seeing where they lead. I like to give myself 10 and explore any ideas that occur from those words. ‘Invest’ and ‘Growth’ both lead down different paths of word association, and I chose to follow growth as there’s a concept of evolution and actualisation that follows from it. Amongst the ideas, such as acorns, scales, steps, spectrum etc, there’s the obvious tree and using nodes as branches to show the developing and connected elements of infrastructure. I also like to lead with a striking image that supports the theme and chose to use a double exposure technique to render it.

For our recent Peak activity in Q4 2017/2018 the design team all worked on various concepts for the same theme RAISE: an ongoing Sales incentive with an agile theme. I still think I designed a really good logo for an outdoor clothing company!

We publish a quarterly magazine called TechKnow, in which we discuss new trends, solutions and devices. Each campaign is tailored to a theme were the designers get to stretch their creative legs. For me, it’s a chance to push minimalism, where possible, such as the High End campaign where I let the devices do most of the talking, or the Collaboration campaign where I conceived the jigsaw theme to illustrate the way technology can be used to bring people together and create a unified vision for projects.

Occasionally, campaigns needs something different. The ‘Toughen Up’ campaign discussed devices that are ideal for heavy industry or other outside work where there was a risk of damaging your device. We also created a campaign for the Retail and Hospitality sector showcasing the benefit of mobile and large format devices.

Prior to working in B2B, I was also a designer for our Consumer division

When I first started with the company it was known as Dabs (I arrived just as BT had bought it). Dabs used a very old school approach to design; eye catching graphics, bright colours and big messaging. Personally, I found the approach gawdy, loud and noisy. There were too many things shouting for attention, however, it did allow me to focus on layout and type in a bid to create balance.

Also, Dabs put my illustration skills to use where I would create characters to use with campaigns.

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